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The amount of people using bicycles as their primary mode of transportation has increased significantly for several years. Unfortunately, the increase in bicycle usage on Chicago roadways has been met with a corresponding spike in bicycle accidents. Every year, approximately 50,000 people are injured in the United States as the result of accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles. Hundreds more are killed. In fact, “dooring accidents” have been on the rise at alarming rates in the City of Chicago.

At Pullano Law Offices, we believe that bicycle accidents are avoidable when drivers of cars and trucks realize they do not own the roadways and use proper care to look for bicycle riders. When accidents happen, we also believe that those who have been injured deserve full justice for their losses. Our attorneys know how to get results and will work tirelessly in the pursuit of maximum compensation.

For more than 25 years, Attorney Richard L. Pullano has dedicated his practice to the service of personal injury victims. As a former Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney, Mr. Pullano brings a vast working knowledge of the law and renowned advocacy skills to each and every case he handles. Bicycle accident victims throughout the region have placed their trust in our firm over the years, a trust that our attorneys continually strive to uphold. If you have been injured in a bike accident, our attorneys are ready to fight for you.

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Due to their relatively small size and their constant proximity to the flow of traffic, riding bicycles can be extremely dangerous. Many people, however, rely on them as a means of transportation in addition to their use for recreational and exercise-related benefits. Unfortunately, when accidents occur, they are frequently very serious, and riders commonly suffer injuries, which include:

At Pullano Law Offices, our team of skilled attorneys understands the difficulty you may be facing in putting your life back together. We pledge to tenaciously fight to ensure your rights are protected and to hold the appropriate parties accountable for their actions.

Every case we take is carefully selected so that we can spend the necessary time and attention on your case to get you the compensation you deserve. The path to justice begins when you call our office and schedule your initial consultation. One of our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will meet with you, listen attentively to your story, and begin building your case. This allows us to fully understand the nature and severity of your injuries and how they have impacted your life.

We then will turn our attention to a complete investigation of your claim, as we review accident reports, interview witnesses as appropriate, and uncover every relevant detail. In doing so, we will discover and examine all the facts of your case with the goal of ascertaining the cause of the accident, including whether any of the following played a role:

  • Failure to pay attention to bicycles in a designated bike lane;
  • Texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, or other distracted driving;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Reckless driving or speeding;
  • Traffic violations, including running a red light; or
  • Any other negligent or wrongful act.

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Our uncompromising approach is based on our core belief that partial justice is not justice at all. For this reason, every client at Pullano Law Offices is treated with the respect and attention they deserve. We realize that injuries can significantly impact your life and welcome the opportunity to help you seek the compensation you need to rebuild your future.

If you have been injured while riding your bicycle, you deserve the best in legal representation. Contact our office today at 312-551-1100 to schedule your free consultation. We will answer your questions, help you understand your options, and begin the fight for full justice on your behalf. We are proud to represent clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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