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Pressure ulcers, also known as decubitus ulcers or, more commonly, bed sores, are one of the most recognizable signs of nursing home neglect in elderly patients. While bed sores may be caused in a variety of other settings, such as hospitals or inpatient recovery centers, they are most often associated with negligent care in nursing homes. In most cases, bed sores are completely preventable with appropriate attention, and even pre-existing sores can heal while the patient remains bed-ridden. If you or a loved one is suffering from bed sores, negligence is likely the cause and the team at Pullano Law Offices is equipped to help you seek justice.

The attorneys at our law firm have more than 35 years of combined experience in the field of personal injury law. We understand that many nursing homes and long-term care facilities fail to adhere to the standards of care mandated by state and federal law. When your family is affected by substandard care or medical negligence, you deserve an advocate who will tirelessly fight for the rights of your loved one to ensure he or she receives the compensation and care deserved. Our uncompromising approach to client satisfaction and tireless work ethic has led to an impressive track-record of success, and many record-setting verdicts and settlements. We bring that same tenacity to each and every case we take, as we work to uphold the trust placed in our firm.

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Patients with restricted mobility are particularly susceptible to bed sores, as the sores tend to develop in areas of sustained pressure. They are most common in bodily regions that must bear the patient’s weight while he or she lies in bed, including the shoulders, low back, buttocks, hips, heels, and the back of the head. Bed sores may also develop as the result of other wounds or injuries exacerbated by unsanitary conditions or clothing.

With appropriate care and treatment, pressure ulcers can almost always be prevented. However, such care requires the careful attention of a well-trained staff in strict compliance with the applicable medical standards. Caregivers, in a nursing home or any other environment where bed sores may be a problem, must be sure to:

  • Continually monitor the patient;
  • Regularly reposition patients with restricted mobility;
  • Employ the use of pressure-reducing mattresses, pillows, pads, and other tools;
  • Attend to the needs of incontinent patients to ensure sanitary conditions; and
  • Apply medications and change bandages within accepted timeframes.

A bed sore typically begins as a seemingly minor irritation on the skin over the affected area. It is often painful to the touch, but the skin is not yet broken. If left untreated, however, the sore may progress to an open wound, continue to deepen and become more painful. Eventually, the worst bed sores may expose fat, muscles, and bones, while tissue around the sore begins to necrotize. Sores in the latter stages are extremely dangerous and are considered life-threatening.

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If you or an elderly family member has suffered from bed sores due to nursing home negligence, contact Pullano Law Offices today at 312-551-1100. One of our skilled attorneys will meet with you to discuss your case, and listen to you so as to fully understand the nature and extent of the injuries. Using that information and the results of a careful investigation into your claim, we will begin the fight for full justice on your behalf, refusing to compromise until you receive the compensation you deserve. We are proud to serve clients throughout Northern Illinois and look forward to serving you.

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