The Complexities of Brain Injuries

The Complexities of Brain Injuries

Cook County personal injury attorney Richard L. Pullano, the founding partner at Pullano Law Offices, recently secured a $3 million verdict in a personal injury case involving a post-concussion syndrome. Attorney Pullano called some of the most widely respected medical experts from around the country in order to successfully bring this “hidden injury” to the forefront. People who suffer concussions and post-concussion syndrome may look normal from the outside. But it took the tenacity and experience of the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Pullano Law to fully convey to the jury the devastating impact this type of injury is on the inside.

The attorneys at Pullano Law Offices have successfully represented clients who suffered mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries over the years. No matter the severity of the brain injury, the attorneys at Pullano Law Offices, will protect your rights with the same tenacity and obtain full justice on your behalf.

The Dangers of Concussions

Brain injuries are very serious and can be potentially life altering. A concussion is a type of brain injury that many on the forefront of sports medicine and neurology are publicizing as one of the most overlooked and understudied types of brain injuries. Concussions, or “mild traumatic brain injuries,” are especially dangerous because they can change how the brain works without leaving evidence on a standard imaging test.

Because there is rarely evidence of injury seen on MRI scans or CT scans, people automatically think that the symptoms cannot be too severe, the person is exaggerating or that the person is outright faking. However, this could not be further from the truth. That is why people suffering from the effects of concussions and post-concussion syndrome need the aggressive attorneys at Pullano Law Offices advocated on your behalf.

Symptoms of Concussions

The signs and symptoms of a concussion can be very subtle or debilitating. Some can develop immediately after the trauma. Some may not become noticeable for days or even weeks after the event. Typical symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Headache
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Slower reaction times
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Intolerance of bright lights or loud sounds
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

These symptoms can persist for days, weeks, and even months after suffering a concussion. In some cases, such as the one in which Chicago personal injury attorney Richard L. Pullano successfully obtained a jury verdict, the symptoms never go away. In those cases, the quality of the person’s life is forever changed. And, the person faces extensive medical bills in order to treat the symptoms. And, the person may suffer a loss of income due to an inability to work as well.

CTE and Post-Concussion Syndrome

One of the most dangerous aspects of a concussion is that they can cause severe and crippling medical conditions, even after the initial symptoms should have subsided. (As is in the case of Mr. Pullano’s most recent client, who was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.) This is because concussions cause damage to the tiny nerve fibers and cells in the brain and can permanently change in the brain’s physiology. This is why a person’s symptoms persist even though imaging studies do not show any brain damage

Post-concussion syndrome refers to a litany of symptoms that develop or persist after suffering a concussion. However, people who suffer concussions usually think the symptoms will resolve over a period of time. This results in a delay in the injured person seeking and obtaining proper treatment. Medical experts say and peer-reviewed studies show that a delay in treatment can have devastating results when it comes to rehabilitation and treatment. The symptoms can not only become permanent, but they can actually worsen as well. As a result, undiagnosed and untreated post-concussion syndrome can destroy a person’s normal life.

When people suffer repetitive traumatic brain injuries over a period of time, the person can develop progressive and debilitating symptoms even years after the traumatic events. This condition is now known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or “CTE”. It has only recently been recognized as a neurodegenerative disease that results in a steady decline in intellect and neuropsychiatric function. Similar to people with post-concussion syndrome., people with CTE can also experience severe and debilitating headaches, migraines and emotional injuries as well. One of the most tragic realities about the diagnosis of CTE is that the main method of diagnosis happens postmortem.

As a result, scientists and brain injury specialists are looking for biological markers on conventional imaging to diagnose post-concussion syndrome and CTE. While actual brain damage is rarely observed, recent studies show that there are other signs on imaging that brain damage may be present. The attorneys at Pullano Law Offices are not only familiar with the medical literature, but they have worked closely with the top brain injury specialists in the country in order to obtain full justice for their clients.

Proven Brain Injury Attorneys

Attorney Richard L. Pullano understands the complexities of suffering a brain injury. Outside of his most recent settlement, he has successfully represented clients with a variety of brain injuries including clients who have suffered from:

  • Subdural hematoma
  • Post-traumatic epilepsy
  • Closed brain injuries
  • Open brain injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury because of another individual's negligence, you need to take it very seriously. Medical treatment can be expensive, and you are going to want a dedicated, relentless, and fearless Cook County personal injury attorney to defend your rights and identify every possible source of compensation. Contact our downtown Chicago office location at 312-551-1100, or fill out an online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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