Pullano & Karnezis secures $220,000 for Burbank slip…

Pullano & Karnezis secures $220,000 for Burbank slip & fall victim

It’s a familiar site in the grocery store aisle: a pallet of boxes filled with jars, cartons, and canned goods, ready to be stocked on the shelves. Oftentimes, these pallets are wrapped with strong, slick plastic to keep the boxes from falling over. Although seemingly harmless, this plastic wrap actually poses a significant hazard for shoppers and employees alike.

Such was the case in December 2007 at a Food 4 Less store in Burbank, a small suburb just south of Chicago. Customer Ruby Banks was headed to the checkout aisle with a container of ice cream when she slipped on a piece of this plastic wrap.

Ms. Banks sustained painful injuries from her fall, including a tear to her rotator cuff that required surgery to repair. Shortly after the accident, she retained Pullano & Karnezis to represent her. In June 2011, Pullano attorneys secured a $220,000 settlement, four times the amount originally offered by the store.

“In this case, Food 4 Less employees caused the dangerous condition to be present, failed to clean it up and failed to warn customers, such as Ms. Banks, that plastic was in the aisle,” said Mat Siporin,lead attorney. “Walking in an aisle in a grocery store should not be like walking through a field of land mines. The employees were careless and Ms. Banks suffered as a result. I am very happy that Ms. Banks can now move forward with her life and focus on her recovery.”

The defendants, Food 4 Less and the Kroger Co., were represented by Menges & Molzahn, LLC. The trial was scheduled to be heard by Judge William Maddux in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Accidents can happen anywhere. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact the Law Offices of Richard L. Pullano to determine if negligence may have been a factor.

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