$6.5 million settlement for victim of medical …

$6.5 million settlement for victim of medical malpractice at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

A Cook County Court judge today approved a $6.5 million settlement for a medical malpractice victim represented by Chicago attorney Richard L. Pullano.

In 2003, Michael Corbitt of Glenview, Illinois sought treatment for lower back pain and numbness in his legs. He was eventually referred to a neurosurgeon and neurologist who both worked for Evanston Northwestern Healthcare.

An MRI film was ordered, which clearly showed a cancerous growth on his spine. However, the neurosurgeon failed to see the growth and the neurologist did not even look at the MRI film prior to reaching the wrong diagnosis.

As a result, the tumor continued to grow, causing his spine to collapse and spinal cord to compress. Mr. Corbitt now suffers partial paralysis and permanent neurological defects. Six complex and painful surgeries were required to stabilize his spinal column.

“This trauma has brought Michael Corbitt’s life to a standstill,” said his lead attorney, Richard Pullano. “These debilitating injuries have prevented him from participating in most activities, including playing a normal parental role in his daughter’s lives.

“Sadly, this all could have been prevented if adequate attention had been given to the films.”

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare settled on behalf of the neurosurgeon and the neurologist. The case remains pending against the internist and radiologist.

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