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Lake County nursing home neglect lawyerStatistics show that more people are living longer these days, and as a result, many elderly people have to go to nursing homes after an extended illness or to rehab an injury. Often, an older person may live the rest of his or her life in a nursing home, depending on a family’s situation, finances, and medical insurance. Family members put their trust in the staff of a nursing home or assisted living facility to care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, patients can sometimes end up in worse shape than when they arrived due to nursing home negligence. Injuries can be caused by intentional acts or unintentional acts, but regardless of the reason, families whose loved ones have been harmed should consult with an attorney to determine their legal options.

Intentional Versus Unintentional Acts

Examples of intentional acts that may harm a patient include physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. Sadly, many nursing home patients are vulnerable to sexual assault because physical limitations make them unable to resist. In addition, there have been documented incidents in which a nursing home employee strikes or slaps a resident simply because the person is frustrated or impatient with a resident. These types of incidents may also involve verbal abuse such as a worker yelling at a patient, calling them derogatory names, or using racist slurs. Depending on where these incidents take place, they may have been caught on camera, providing evidence of nursing home abuse.

While unintentional acts of nursing home neglect may not have been done on purpose, they can also seriously harm a patient. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are not properly staffed, so workers cannot always tend to a patient’s immediate needs. If a resident is not bathed on a regular basis, he or she can develop bed sores, and if these are left untreated, they can cause serious and even life-threatening infections.


Cook County nursing home injury lawyerWhen the vast majority of Americans think about problems at nursing homes, they think of outright abuse, such as intentional physical harm, verbal abuse, or sexual misconduct. In reality, the vast majority of problematic behavior from nursing home staff members comes in the form of nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect differs from nursing home abuse in that neglect is not always intentional, but is often an unintentional oversight or breach of responsibility that results in harm to the nursing home occupant. Thousands of elderly Americans are plagued by the negligence of their caretakers, and if you believe that your elderly loved one is being negatively affected by negligent staff at their nursing home facility, it is important to understand your legal options. 

Types of Nursing Home Negligence 

Much like nursing home abuse, negligence in a senior care facility can come in a number of different forms. The four most common types of senior care negligence include: 


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