Senior Citizen Injured by Bicyclist

$490,000 for Senior Citizen Injured by Bicyclist

Attorneys from the Law Offices of Richard L. Pullano secured a $490,000.00 award for a Glenview woman who was badly injured after being hit by a bicyclist. The award was three times larger than the last best offer of the defendant.

Bertha Novacyzk was walking on the sidewalk when she saw a bicyclist riding in her direction. She noticed the individual was riding fast and not slowing down so she stopped and took a step backward in order to allow the bicyclist to pass. Unfortunately, the bicyclist never slowed down, lost control of his bicycle, and struck her.

Mrs. Novacyzk’s leg was badly injured and required a number of surgeries and physical therapy. Despite everything she has gone through, she continues to experience pain and difficulty walking up and down stairs. Her injuries severely impacted the quality of her life to say the least.

“Mrs. Novacyzk did nothing wrong here. The judge found that the bicyclist was the sole cause of this collision,” said Mathew Siporin, lead attorney. “It is no exaggeration to say that her life will never be the same. Bicyclists do not own sidewalks or the roadways. It is every biker’s responsibility to ensure that they are riding safely. The price that Mrs. Novacyzk has paid – and continues to pay – for this bicyclist’s decision not to slow down, with her physical health and her inability to actively participate in her community anymore, is beyond what any of us could imagine.”

The $490,000.00 award was obtained in May 2012 via binding arbitration. Click here to view more victories by the Law Offices of Richard L. Pullano.

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